Antonina Bodywork

Antonina Colbert

Antonina approaches bodywork with the understanding that the body is a complex structure, and that its complexity must be taken into account during treatment. She tries to keep up with current research on all things fascia-related, incorporates techniques from multiple modalities, draws on her love and knowledge of anatomy, and holds great respect and awe for the complexity of the human body. The best description of her work is structural-style, deep tissue bodywork.

As beneficial as manipulation of the soft tissue can be, sometimes the work of other specialists is also needed to achieve optimal results. Recognizing this, Antonina collaborates with other health practitioners—physical therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, Postural Restoration Integration, Rolf Movement Integration®, and Alexander Technique® practitioners, and others—to ensure that each person coming in for treatment heals quickly and achieves the best possible result.

She works with athletes, musicians, and dancers, as well as hard-working business people and over-worked computer users. She has a specialty in working with pre- and post-operative situations, including rehabilitation from, and preparation for, joint-replacement surgery.

She obtained advanced training in structural work, has been an Assistant Instructor for the Structural Deep Tissue series at Cortiva, and worked in the medical establishment at both Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and Fenway Community Health Center. She continues to deepen her understanding of the complexity of the human body, and is currently working towards certification in visceral tissue and neural system manipulation with the Barral Institute.

Having experienced spinal-disc problems and arthroscopic surgery, she understands the surprise and hurt that so often accompany an injury, and the frustration that accompanies the up-and-down path of rehabilitation. She brings this experience, as well as her skill, intuition and training to help facilitate your body's healing process.

Invaluable assets to Antonina's work have been her life-long experience as an athlete, her inquisitive nature and love of art and learning—not to mention her curious ability to see patterns and solve 3d-puzzles. She enjoys running in the woods, sailing and surfing in all types of weather, cross-country skiing, yoga, and is a former player of the beautiful game of fĂștbol. Outside of things body-related, she channels her love of music into learning to play the bass guitar.



Antonina Bodywork offers structural-style, deep-tissue therapeutic bodywork and sports massage.